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Hello there! Thanks for dropping by! I'm Yashasvi Nagda (Yana) , UX Researcher and Interaction Designer by profession. Here are some of my design projects, artworks, write ups and thoughts. Feel free to ping in if you would like to talk about anyone of these or have some interesting projects you would want to collaborate... Continue Reading →

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What is Darkness in Dark Patterns?

Do all dark patterns trick the users equally? Are all patterns equally deceptive? The article here tries to identify the parameters that can be assessed to identify how efficient a dark pattern is and yeah, how do we define that darkness.

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The Faceless Warrior

A question from a stranger that made me wonder, how is someone supposed to look like for others to believe that they're battling the darkness. Here's a piece of a small writeup. #mentalwellbeing

Gifts for Book-lovers inspired by all time favorites , Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter. The greetings, hangings and collectibles were designed keeping in a bookworm's obsession with the books.

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