My Alice in her wonderland

Photoseries: My Alice in her Wonderland #1
It has always fascinated me how she’s so much in love with her books. 24 years- and all this time I’ve never seen her away from books even for a moment.
I’ve always wondered, how can someone be so much into something that they almost forget the existence of reality. For me she’s My Alice in her Wonderland-always lost in a world of her own.
I used to believe that it’s insanity, how can someone just forget the reality? The reality has to be faced. I thought she’s running away from it. You see, I wasn’t the kind of a person who would understand this madness .
Few months ago, one day she called me, crying. It was strange for me coz she ain’t the person who cries so easily (unlike me). She was crying because a fictional character in her book died. But that was when it hit me for real. She’s the person who feels the things at the deepest. I talked to her more about it and I realized, she’s the one doing it all right all this while. Staying in her world, with her favourite characters as her closest ones. What good happened with me obsessing over reality? It just kept me worried about irrelevant stuff. So I tried understanding it more and now I know what self love is supposed to look like.
And while I’m writing this and posting this in here, she’s sitting outside in her small gallery surrounded by her baby plants, sipping her tea and lost is her wonderland with her ‘forever’. Her books.
These photoseries are a blend of illustrations I made and photos I clicked sometime back. I’m planning to make this a complete storybook or something, someday (hopefully) . Story suggestions are most welcome. A fairytale, sounds cliché but that’s what she is to me, a fairytale

Photoseries: My Alice in her Wonderland #2

I saw her sitting in the corner, her eyes tracing the lines written with the ink, her fingers turning pages, swiftly. She seemed in a rush. I sensed she was too curious to know what did Penélope see as she stepped in that enchanted forest. She was too indulged to recognize my presence. I didn’t want to intrude her space so I silently left to do my own work.
Almost an hour later, I went to check on her and there she was, lying with her eyes closed, with the book clutched tightly. Is she sleeping? I asked myself. It seems so. But there’s this gentle smile on her face… ( Is it even possible to have a smiling face while sleeping? I’ve only seen that in babies) Guess, she’s lost in her wonderland again. .
With the words woven by the wordsmith
She created her own world.
Falling in loves with fantasies and myth
Her deepest desires unfurled

Photoseries: My Alice in her Wonderland #3
“Suddenly Penélope woke up and found herself in a dark forest. She looked around trying to find where she was but it was too dark to even find the other hand. As she took her first step, a nearby mushroom started glowing as if it has sensed her presence and signalled others to light the way for her…
Oh that’s weird, she thought, when she saw a few jellyfishes floating around her. Far somewhere she saw smoke coming out from a hut.
She started walking cautiously towards it but suddenly she felt as if the darkness is rushing towards her, to engulf her. She started running as the fireflies kept guiding her towards the hut…
She kept running until…”
Wake up. It’s such an odd time to sleep and we have to be there for dinner. When will you get dressed? Here, have some tea and start getting ready. I kept blabbering while she clearly seemed confused about what and wheres of the reality.

A photomanipulation. Well, the original photo of her was clicked almost 10 years agowith a 2MP mobile camera. I guess that’s the fun part of this, turning something of that kind to this.
A digital illustration I made almost 3 years back for ‘The Enchanted Forest’

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