The Hedonist

The Hedonist is a black and white photo series which attempts to capture the pleasure, ecstasy and madness.

Photo Series: The Hedonist #1

“Her soft trailing fingers would continue to attempt a connection that I refused to allow; that I couldn’t allow if I wanted to survive.”
– J.D. Stroube, Caged in Darkness . .
Photo Series: The Hedonist #2

Let it shine, the light in you.
Oh, and that’s delighting me!
Various colors shining through.
Elated, it fills my soul with ecstasy.
-Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness:
Photo Series: The Hedonist #3

“She was destroying me.
Digging her nails into my skin.
Ripping me apart from within.
She destroyed me beautifully.
And I was beheld smiling
As I was slowly dying
She destroyed me beautifully
She chiseled a tragic story
– Aditya Mohan (Taken from Yourquote) . .
Photo Series: The Hedonist #4
Writing letters in my skin, every word etched deep inside with the dark ink made of the words that you said. I etched them all. To remind me of the darkness that I’ve seen and to remind me never to fall for the darkness again. But you see, I fell in love with the darkness inside me. It became calming and comforting. . .
Photo Series: The Hedonist #5

She was a storm Not the kind you run from The kind you chase.” – R. H. Sin
Photo Series: The Hedonist #6

What comfort there is in the skin of someone you love! – Erich Maria Remarque, The night in Lisbon

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