Celestial Surprise 2020

While everyone is having absolutely different reactions to the strangest year of the decade (?), for me it has been the loveliest year ever. Specifically for being the witness of once in a lifetime event(s). I am a self proclaimed astrophile/ selenophile / nyctophile. These months of being trapped (❤) in homes gave me much time to spend stargazing and revive photography that sort of died or say went in deep slumber due to ‘stuff’. Anyway, I managed to capture most of these celestial surprises of 2020. Have a look.


Captured on: April 8, 2020
Largest Supermoon of the year.

Lyrid Meteor Shower

Annular Solar Eclipse

An annular solar eclipse occurred on June 21, 2020. Captured at IST 11:50 AM using Canon 1200D with X-Rays in front of lens.

Jupiter’s Opposition

Captured on: July 14, 2020
Jupiter’s Opposition: Jupiter with its 4 moons


Captured on: 17 July 2020
Comet NEOWISE is a long period comet with a near-parabolic orbit discovered on March 27, 2020. Lucky witness of once in a 6800 year opportunity. Yeah, this one took me weeks of attempts to capture. Weather hasn’t been much supportive this time.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Captured on: 25 July 2020
Managed to capture a meteor (Upper left in Ursa minor) from Perseid meteor shower which started from July 17 and will last till August 24. This meteor shower is from Comet Swift-Tuttle. I would call this shot absolute luck. I was out trying to capture NEOWISE and this meteor passed right that moment. Captured using basic MI phone in long exposure manual settings.

Saturn during Jupiter’s opposition phase

Captured on: July 26, 2020
Saturn during Jupiter’s opposition

And some other Nyctophile shots

And some Selenophile shots of course

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